Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Badger in the Compost Bin

Byre Cottage has now got a new 37 inch HD ready tv but haven't quite got around to getting the Blu Ray Player or HD Sky just yet. If you have a PS3 or Blu Ray you can bring it with you.

Stable Cottage only has a boring old widescreen tv who needs television? As I was writing this, a badger wandered across the grass but disappeared before I could get the camera. However, I sneaked out of the front door and caught it raiding the compost bin - low light levels didn't provide the best snap but here it is anyway.

We have a summer house in the garden so I will put out some peanuts tomorrow night and wait with my camera in the hope of getting a better photo. The badger visits quite regularly and as long as it stays away from the chickens, we are happy to see it.

1 comment:

Calico Kate said...

Fab pic though Jane, once I'd worked out which way up the beastie was!
C the Boat & I saw badger tracks down your lane when out with a small person one damp day.