Friday 7 December 2012

Preserved Ginger Cake

Preserved Ginger Cake

This cake has gone down well at recent village hall and basketmaking events and with our vistors to the holiday cottages. It's a cut above the usual gingerbread and very easy to make.

Makes 3 loaf cakes (1lb size)

450 gm Self Raising Flour
50 gm Ground Almonds (optional - you can substitute with flour)
6 large Eggs
325 gm Sugar - white or soft brown
325 gm Butter or Soft Margarine
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup (or syrup from jar of preserved ginger)
4 teaspoons Ground Ginger

175 gm Preserved or Crystallized Ginger, chopped

Icing (Optional)
250 gm icing sugar
lemon juice

Put flour, ground almonds (or flour), eggs, sugar, butter/margarine, syrup, ground ginger into the mixing bowl. Beat all together until well mixed. Add milk if required to make a soft dropping consistency. Add chopped ginger, keeping some aside for decoration. Divide mixture between 3 loaf tins or 2 x 23 cm round tins. Greaseproof cake tin liners make tin lining easy.

Bake in fan oven 160C for 45 - 50 minutes. Adjust temperature if you have a different type of oven.

Make icing and coat the top of the cakes when cool. Add ginger for decoration.