Tuesday 28 February 2012

Twittering and Beavering Away at Seafield

On my recent travels through Twitter, I came across freetobook, a free application which can be added to blogs, tweets, facebook posts and web sites to mention but a few. I have avoided such things in the past partly because of a fear of the double booking and loss of control but mainly because it all seemed too mind boggling for a simple country woman but after a couple of late nights and head scratching, I think I have it up and running. See the green search button at the bottom of this page.

This year, bookings are noticeably slower than in previous years and with the financial situation in the country, it is hardly surprising that holidays are not top of everyone's priorities in 2012. It also has to be said that summer of 2011 was less than glorious - we know - we spent a week in our campervan in a howling gale and torrential rain at the beginning of June.

Midsummer is usually the best time to visit the west coast with long, light days and less than average rain. A fortnight, rain bound in a cottage (no matter how comfortable) would not encourage me to return to this part of the world and I would probably be poring over brochures and websites promising sunshine and heat. My personal recommendation would be for April - statistically our driest month, the evenings are getting longer and the midges haven't arrived.

I can't promise the weather will be any better this year but if hoping would do it, we would be in for a glorious summer. All I can promise is a comfortable cottage with all mod cons and lots of traditional charm in a beautiful spot at the head of Loch Sween. There will be home baked cake to welcome you and lots of glossy magazines and interesting books to while away an hour or two. Kirkland has joined our other cottages in having free wi-fi - and in a small wooden building there is no problem with the signal! Don't worry if you are desperate to get away from the tyranny of the internet and 24/7 connectivity - I can easily remove the hub so you won't be tempted.

Let us not be pessimistic and remember that this part of the world is astonishingly beautiful with stunning land and seascapes, an abundance of wildlife, fantastic walks and trails through the forest and a wonderful historical and archaeological heritage.

Give it a try. If all else fails, Archie at Fyne Tackle has an excellent range of wet weather gear! And of course there are always the beavers . . . .