Thursday, 7 May 2009

Basketmaking at Seafield Farm

In addition to running holiday cottages, I make baskets when I have the time and the inclination. I grow various varieties of basketmaking willow and make many different styles of baskets, most of them traditional and functional but some more decorative and creative. There is a selection for sale or you can just have a look. Sometimes I run basketmaking courses for beginners and host gatherings of fellow Argyll basketmakers which usually involves a lot of chatting and a great deal of cake eating.

The willow provides a fantastic habitat for insects and birds and creates a shelter belt for the vegetable patch. It grows at a fantastic rate with the larger varieties growing up to 14 feet tall during one growing season. Willow comes in many different colours - red, green, brown, purple, yellow and orange with all shades in between.


Jenny Holden said...

Hello Jane. I looked for other blogs from people around Lochgilphead and found yours! Sorry I didn't see you last Saturday, thankfully I'm now recovering from my bug.
If you ever run basket weaving courses I'd love to come. See you soon.

Calico Kate said...

Hmm great food for Beavers too methinks.